Lifecycle Reverse Criterium

Sat, 14 Mar
from 7:00am to 11:00am

by John Arrowsmith
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Time zone: Brisbane
Reminder: 1 week before
Ends: 11:00am (duration is about 4 hours)

Racing in Reverse

Adult Non-Lifecyle members $15
Adult Lifecycle members $10
All juniors (U17 and younger) $5

Approximate start times
7.00am – Mens B – 45min plus 2 laps
7.00am – Womens A/B – 40min plus 2 laps
7.55am – Mens C + Junior A- 30min plus 2 laps
7.55am – Womens C/D + Junior A/B- 25min plus 2 laps
8.35am – Juniors Handicap 6 small laps
8.50am – Mens A – 50min plus 2 laps
8.50am – Mens D + Junior B- 25min plus 2 laps
9.50am – Juniors C – 15min plus 2 laps
9.50am – Junior D – 13min plus 1 lap
9.50am – Junior E – 11min plus 1 lap
10.10am – Para TT – 18km TT
Please ensure you register at least 20 minutes before your race.

Guide to Junior gradings
Junior A -Capable U17’s, novice U19’s
Junior B -Capable U15’s, novice U17’s or older of similar ability
Junior C -Capable U13’s, novice U15’s or older of similar ability
Junior D-Capable U11’s, novice U13’s or older of similar ability
Junior E -U9’s or younger, novice U11’s or older of similar ability

Capable U19’s will not have a junior grading
Faster U17’s eligible to race Adult B grades will not receive a junior grading


Nundah Criteriun track

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